About LaMar Van Dusen

About LaMar Van Dusen

LaMar Van Dusen is an active member of the Toronto business community and has played a notable role as a business consultant through offering a full range of solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners.  A results-oriented executive, LaMar Van Dusen has a significant track record in corporate and managerial finance, business marketing, financial analysis, sourcing, staffing, sales, as well as consulting.

Van Dusen earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Windsor University and studied business administration and marketing at St. Clair College.

In 2014, Van Dusen launched a full-service bookkeeping and accounting firm, beginning the company from his home office.   He began the firm by building business plans for business owners and helping them gain the capital they needed to start and grow their business.  While doing this, Van Dusen developed a unique service offering for business owners that combined finance consulting with principled accounting.  His firm also became the leading company in the Toronto area to offer full service bookkeeping and corporate accounting for one simple monthly flat fee, a service that offers business owners access to more resources with a simplified approach and without hidden costs.

Van Dusen’s firm offers a range of other service offerings: these include business plan creation, financial consulting, business management, government grants and strategic advisory services.

Since its founding, the firm has grown to include a support staff of two full-time CPAs, bookkeepers and administrative assistants and manages a broad base of bookkeeping clients on a monthly basis; the business also handles year-end tax returns for companies and sole proprietorships.   

Before beginning his own business, LaMar Van Dusen served as Vice President of Sales for Advanced Presentation Products. Under his leadership,  the sales team went from producing $6 million to $10 million in sales.   He also has a background in the employment and staffing industry, working as VP of Development at Flexmore Staffing.

Van Dusen is a member of several Canadian professional organizations, including the  Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business and the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce.